Episode 5: And now, the results...

The virtual inspection is now complete and the wait is almost over for Farmer Robert...

We’re about to find out if his months of dedication and preparation have paid off. Will Robert be able to display his Red Tractor Certification with pride?

Catching up with them both before the big day, Emma knew it would be a rigorous process and that none of Red Tractor’s standards had changed, despite the fact that Inspector Charlotte wouldn’t be visiting in person. You can still catch some of the behind-the-scenes action here.

In 2019, independent inspectors certified over 46,000 farms to Red Tractor standards. Not every farm makes the cut, with 2,344 farms suspended from the Red Tractor scheme in 2019. Although the welfare of Robert’s cattle was second to none and Charlotte was impressed with the farm, there were a few minor issues with some paperwork that had to be rectified...

Has Robert successfully proven his produce is safe, traceable and farmed with care? Check out the video below to see if Robert can continue to call himself a Red Tractor Farmer.

And if you’re a British Farmer with a story to tell, Emma would love to hear from you. You can share your pictures, videos and stories by emailing us at farmingstories@redtractor.org.uk.

Together we can open a window for everyone staying at home on the great work of our British farmers and bring the Great British countryside home to the nation.

Red Tractor tractor test graphic
Red Tractor tractor traceable tick Red Tractor tractor safe tick Red Tractor tractor farmed with care tick


The Red Tractor logo means you can be safe in the knowledge that our inspectors have checked and documented every step of the food journey from farm to pack.


We insist on rigorous production standards, so we don’t allow things like chlorine washed meat or irresponsible use of animal medicines on farms in our good food chain. Just good quality British food at its seasonal best.

Farmed With Care

Red Tractor are the champions of British food and farming. And that means care and attention for our countryside and animals. We’ve forged a good food chain ensuring our 46,000 British farmers work to world leading standards.


Red Tractor are champions of British food, farming and consumer safety. We are the UK’s largest food standards scheme. Red Tractor farmers and food producers put British food and drink on the shelves of some of the UK’s largest retailers. The Red Tractor logo means quality British produce that’s good for you, good for farmers and good for Britain.

Who is emma?

Emma is a mum on a mission to shine a light on the work of UK farmers during these difficult times. She prefers to buy British, always has an eye on value for money and is keen to find out how Red Tractor helps everyone buy food and drink they can trust.



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